1 in 4 Canadians reported being victims of identity theft in 20171

Contents within your vehicle, home, smart phone or online properties contain personal information that can put you at risk of identity theft. dragonfly id offers the most comprehensive and innovative restoration solutions portfolio in Canada.

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1What would you do if you became a victim of identity theft?” dragonfly id report. Haven Insights. ThinkHatch. May 2018.

Identity recovery is an exhausting, time consuming and overwhelming process. Should you be the unfortunate victim of identity theft, dragonfly id is a peace of mind, 24/7 service that restores your personal identity allowing you to continue with your daily routine.

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Best Practices

to prepare and protect your identity

Fraud can happen to anyone, at any stage of your life. Following these common best practices could help keep your identity safe and avoid identity theft.

  • Never give out personal or financial information over the phone or in an email
  • Use anti-spyware software on your computer
  • Properly shred personal and financial documents
  • Consistently review your financial statements and immediately report any inaccuracies
  • Request & review a copy of your credit report from each of the credit bureaus
  • Become familiar with privacy settings on all social media accounts
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dragonfly id Benefits

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Think you’re already covered?

Think again.

Monitoring programs are facilitated by the Credit Bureaus and are simply flagging programs. These programs do little to assist victims in the event of a bonafide breach.

Increasingly, institutions are offering optionally purchased identity theft coverage, however these policies/programs are for the most part, reimbursement-based. Due to the reimbursement nature of the benefits, the victim remains largely responsible for self-navigation through the restoration process. The average victim can spend up to several hundred hours completing the restoration process, all of which can be eliminated when you are in the hands of dragonfly id.
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dragonfly id’s Commitment

dragonfly id is a FULLY RESTORATIVE service. No restoration is complete until you are confident and certify that the stolen identity event has been completely resolved. Put your mind at ease, knowing dragonfly id has you covered 24/7 in the event of identity theft.


Bank cards and ID’s obtained from break-ins, mail theft or auto theft.

Personal data from stolen computers, mobile devices and memory sticks.

Debit or Credit cards compromised by hand-held card readers.